Encore coincé avec le Memphis Blues – (Memphis Blues Again)

Quai 5160 (Montréal)

November 3rd to December 23rd, 2018

Louis Bouvier proposes in this installation an allegory where Dylan, Elvis and Ettore Sottsass exist simultaneously: three characters, three urns, three currents, three temporalities. The work becomes a lyrical proposal waltzing with the plurality of forms proposed by Memphis: design group, American city, music genre, capital of Pharaonic Egypt, birthplace of the King…


Everyday life is the starting point for Louis Bouvier’s artistic research. To capture it, he uses strategies such as appropriation and misappropriation. He interprets and uses the already known forms to integrate them into his work. He mobilizes references as varied as popular language, antique classicism and kitsch objects. Inspired by the micro-history of different objects he uses a succession of artworks to express an alternative disjointed reality where found objects, built works and photographic images meet to form new narratives.  He manipulates these worlds and reorganizes them within is work of art so as to develop a micro-culture parallel to everyday life and thus simulate a new reading, a new word knitted with the meshes of reality.


Close to the omnipresent “copy / paste” process in our contemporary society, its multidisciplinary approach renders invisible the hierarchical boundaries between mediums. By association, the creator uses history in an anachronistic way by creating a discourse between several eras that question, communicate and criticize each other, so as to develop a new space-time within is work.