Yet another drifting pile of meanings.

NARS Fondation Brooklyn, NY.

From April 15 to May 20, 2022

Through multiplication of visual strata, Bouvier propose is interpretation of anachronistic “montage”. By establishing a horizontal reading of art history and its canons, he frees the references from the tyranny of linear time. Combining different eras and following no precise system, he creates a new multidimensional vision which question the modern idea of categorization. In the entanglement of photo-realistic drawings and hybrid sculptures Bouvier transform the conventional temporal periodization by deploying, in is installation, a peculiar vision on history and archeology. The exhibition combines a multitude of media and techniques: metal, bronze, casting, wood, plaster, watercolor, 3d printing, graphite, oil, wooden pencils—this proliferation create new points of contact that, if given the chance, can elaborate a new constellation of links.

Today, as heirs to the philosophy of the Enlightenment, it’s in our nature to use rationalism and reason to organize the « reality ». In order to understand its surroundings, the West and its scientific mind has shaped, mapped, classified and catalogued knowledge. Following supreme logic, everything must be organize, nothing must be left to chance. This approach imposes a simplified vision of reality by establishing an horizontal order, brushing aside various broad categories to favor silos of knowledge that know nothing of each other. These closed, reductive systems diminish the hybridization, creolization, and articulation of creative connections that can develop through juxtaposition and anachronism. By introducing a “de-modernizing” axis into the exhibition, Bouvier reflects on the role that certain Western structures of classification can play in our perception of the world.