Je pensais justement à la machine qui imprime les mémoires.

HELMUT, Leipzig, Allemagne.

May 31st to June 19th, 2019

I believe art history is founded on an ensemble of categorizations which, despite their interdisciplinary and theoretical flexibility, still dictate meaning. At the same time, the separation between fine arts and artisanal crafts attests to a cultural heritage which, to varying degrees, affects the perception of objects and determines their hierarchical ranking. My work proposes a radical deconstruction of these ideologies of classification, a way to de-systematize knowledge by regrouping elements as varied as industrial architecture, antique sculpture and domestic furniture. The references to popular culture and natural history accentuate the blurring of categories and highlight the intrinsically diverse potential of aesthetic experience.

With this quote “decoloniality” of objects, natural artifacts and historic reference, I intend to modify the glances dictated by the Institutions. Then begins a change of the genealogy of the “idée perçue” where no temporal discrimination exists. This holistic way of approaching known ethnocentric categorization serves to re-imagine our modern history and present it in a different form.